Circulation / Audience / Marketing

360 Mega Summit


THEME:  “Growing Audience & Revenue Utilizing The  Tools in Your Toolbox!”


Built by Publishers for

Circulation & Marketing Executives


Saint Louis, MO – April 19-20, 2015


Complete Registration is Only $319.00                                                           (Includes: Full Program, Most Meals, Power User Groups & Much More)


After an outstanding events in 2013 and 2014, our 2015 Mega Summit promises to be bigger and better than ever.  The 2015 Mega Summit 2015 program entitled:  “Growing Audience & Revenue Utilizing The  Tools in Your Toolbox!” will provide more power and immediate impact than any other news-media industry event.

We can no longer sit back and just milk our subscribers and audience, we must find the optimum balance between the basic subscription/membership models and creating new revenue streams -  no easy feat in today’s business climate.  The 2015 Mega Summit has been weaved together with bottom-line growth directing our ship, both short-term and long-term, as the driving factor.  If you haven’t given up on your circulation and/or audience, there has never been a better time than now to re-commit to growing your circulation, audience and thus your revenue!

The 2015 Mega Summit is a MUST-ATTEND for anyone that still considers growing circulation and audience as a winning and worthwhile battle.  In addition, if your responsibility also includes growing your companies bottom-line, this event is for you. This summit will also focus on using all of the various circulation and membership tools available (as well as other non-traditional tools) to grow this and other vital segment of your business.

 There is no conference in the industry that offers this valuable of a program at such an affordable price.  While still being pieced together at this time, here is just a small sampling of the content and powerful presenters you can expect when you join us at the 2015 Mega Summit.

Keynote Session: Innovation & Creativity Around the World
Presented by: Earl Wilkinson, CEO and Executive Director of the International News-Media Marketing Association
Loyalty – Converting Subscribers to Members & More
Presented By:  Steven Wagenlander, Director of Audience Development, The Post and Courier
Navigating the Legal Landscape
Presented By:  Mike Zinser, Founder of The Zinser Law Firm
30 Innovative Ideas in 60 Minutes
Presented By:  CSCMA and MCMA Representatives
Critical Circulation Metrics Every Circulator Should Monitor
Presented By:  Steve Wagenlander, Director of Audience, Post and Courier
Scientific Pricing Strategies To Win With
Presented By:  Mather Lindsey, President of Mather Economics
Pre-Conference Power User Groups
Presented By;  DTI, Mass2One, MSG, Leap Media Partners, Single Copy Ideas & TCN Broadcasting
Networking and so much more!


Rooms Only $115 – Book Now – Sold-out Past 2 Years!

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For more information contact the 360 Media Alliance event team at info@360mediaalliance.com.